The Steveway Story

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About our Grand Piano Shells and How we started

Steve Walters, renowned for his keyboard artistry at gigs and weddings, recognized the need for a keyboard stand that was not only portable and sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing—something that transcended the conventional X-stand and resonated with the grandeur of a grand piano.

Driven by this vision, Steve crafted a bespoke piano shell, enhancing his performance with the elegance of a concert grand. The innovation caught the eye of peers and patrons alike, leading to a burgeoning demand. Balancing his musical engagements with this newfound craft, Steve’s passion project soon evolved into ‘Steveway Pianos’.

With his intimate knowledge as a performer, Steve was uniquely positioned to engineer these piano shells, ensuring each piece was not just an instrument stand but a personalized statement of style and function.

Every Steveway Piano shell is a testament to craftsmanship, offering musicians the opportunity to customize their own piece, ensuring that each creation is as unique as the artist it accompanies.

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