Musical Gift

Turn your keyboard into a beautiful piece of furniture that will grace any home.

Classic White

Classic White Steveway with silver edging.

A Steveway Piano Shell will improve the appearance of the home and that expensive keyboard displayed on a metal X stand can be replaced with our Home Model, the dimensions will be perfect for your room as each of our Home Models are made to customers requirements to fit the room and the keyboard. Cables and plugs are concealed in the shell cavity.
Whether a birthday present, Christmas or just a nice loving surprise, get in touch, and we will do the rest.

Personalise your piano shell by having any name emblazoned on the side, be it your name or the band, in gold lettering anywhere on the Piano Shell.

Go on, spoil him……or her!  To order your Steveway Piano Shell email

Custom Built

Each shell is custom-built and made to your own keyboard requirements, just email Steve with the make and dimensions of your keyboard.
If purchasing as a gift, please allow the minimum of a month for your order to be processed and your gift to be delivered on that special day.

To place an order, for a delivery date to suit you.