Our Basic Steveway Original Model
Basic model from £995 piano shell, extras are a soft foam padded cover and delivery to UK

Mini Grand Piano Shell with opening lid from £995.00 Extras are a soft foam padded cover not including delivery

Please note, these prices are a guide, as each custom build shell varies in material costs according to your individual requirements.

Transportation cover
 Each luxury cover is made to the specification of the shell ordered. The padded cover will protect your Piano Shell during transportation to and from the venues. Basic model cover is £185.00.

Please note, all our piano shells are custom-built to accommodate any model of keyboard.
Important. Please provide precise measurement of the keyboard you use.

Terms of business:  A deposit is required on all orders and the balance should be paid before delivery.

Steveway Model Dimensions
Width:143 cm
Height: 95 cm assembled.  (30 cm high for transport )
Depth: 76 cm
Inside width: 139 cm for keyboard.
Weight: 20 kilograms, approx.

These measurements will vary according to your specifications.

The legs of our Steveway portable piano shell screw into the body of the piano shell and easily unscrew from the base of the piano shell, making it more manageable and portable.

Special orders, i.e.different colours from the standard black and white also alterations to our standard shell dimensions, these orders will require payment in full before work commences.