Welcome to the Home of Custom Built Piano Shells

The Classic White Steveway in a home setting

Step into the realm of Steveway, where custom-built piano shells merge elegance with practicality, transforming your keyboard into a statement piece that rivals the grandeur of a baby grand piano.

Crafted to perfection, each Steveway piano shell is a masterpiece of design, offering a high-gloss finish that mirrors the sophistication of a classic baby grand. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every shell is not just a stand, but a centrepiece that elevates your performance and captivates your audience.

Discover the Steveway difference, embraced by performers and bands across the UK and beyond. Our website and customer testimonials speak volumes of the Steveway Piano Shell’s impact on stage presence and image enhancement.

The Steveway experience extends beyond the stage, becoming a cherished element at weddings. Couples delight in the presence of our Piano Shell Baby Grand, often using it as an enchanting backdrop for their cherished photographs.

The Steveway Piano Shell is more than an accessory; it’s an experience. Ideal for weddings, it offers a visual symphony that complements the auditory bliss of your music. Your audience will be enthralled, not just by the melodies but by the visual harmony of the Steveway.

Proudly standing as the preferred choice for Abba Tribute bands in the UK and Europe, the Steveway Piano Shell flawlessly replicates the iconic Benny Piano, adding authenticity to every tribute performance.

Embrace the allure of the Steveway Piano Shell for a competitive starting price of only £995. This includes a standard-sized shell, a foam-backed padded cover, and delivery. Please note, prices are subject to change due to fluctuating material costs.

For a piano shell that reflects your unique style, reach out to Steve. Send us your specifications, and we’ll craft a Steveway that’s as individual as you are. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a more elegant performance.

Email us today at contact@stevewaypianos.com

Made in England