The Steveway Story

About our Grand Piano Shells and How we started

Steve Walters is a gifted musician playing Keyboard at Gigs, he realised what was needed was a light portable elegant but robust  support for his keyboard something more imposing than the usual X stand.

He wanted give the illusion that he was playing on a grand piano. So he made a piano shell for his own use and very soon his other musician colleagues seeing his soon wanted one, and Steve went to work making them in his spare time, so Stevewaypianos was born.

Black Steveway with lid.

A Steveway Ready for Action

Being a musician made Steve the best man to design a piano shell as he understands very well what you guys need.

Each piano shell is hand made and can be tailor made to suit your needs, if your a small person you might the whole piano lowered or if your tall you might want it lifted, some people wish to have it higher so they can stand up and play it, maybe you keyboard is extra big or a small portable 61 not keyboard then we can build it to your requirements.

Wedding Winner

Steve found that he had better audience attention when using his Piano Shell than just the usual X stand and it was a real winner at weddings giving the event that bit of class that everyone admired. With the guests even wanting to be photographed with the Baby Grand Piano in the shot!

He also found that he could get a better fee when using a Baby Grand Piano Shell at weddings and other functions.

‘people spend alot of money making the room look right so a baby grand is the perfect and preferred choice for brides’

Reasonable prices

He keeps the price down to level making it affordable to all performers. Each shell is made individually so he can add any small feature you need. He has even made one with a raise-able “lid” to add that extra class dimension.

When making your order please don’t forget to include the deposit.

Steve thinks this is the right solution to replace the conventional keyboard X stand and makes your audience think that you’re playing on a genuine grand piano! he is also working on other designs.

The Steveway is beautiful, light and affordable. It gives the perfect illusion of a baby grand piano to any stage, tented event and in the home, getting rid of all the unsightly cables in the shell cavity.

Universal Size Model

The basic Steveway  model comes in one size, accommodating a large range of electric stage pianos, for example: Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Nord.

Custom Build

Steveway is now able to offer a piano shell built to your requirements, whether to fit into your transport, or simply to make it lighter to handle, just give Steve a call or email using the contact form.


Steve uses the best 20mm exterior ply for the body and covers it with best quality  laminate, which is high gloss water resistant and its high sheen just adds that taste of luxury. The legs are made from solid real wood routered to a perfect finish. It will last you many seasons and will be robust enough to do gig after gig. In the event of damage we can offer a repair service.

Transport and Assembly

The legs of our Steveway portable piano shell are simple wing nut which anyone can master! and the cover provided that extra bit of protection when in transit.

By using light robust materials, we keep the Steveway’s weight to a minimum which means a setup time of minutes and allows you to carry your Steveway with ease, and with compact dimensions, it’s  possible to transport the Steveway in a large car, estate, MPV or small van.

Easy Quick Assembly

The legs of our Steveway portable piano shell are removable with a simple wing nut. By using strong light robust materials, we try to keep the Steveway’s shell weight to a minimum which means a minimal setup time and allows you to carry your Steveway with ease and being robust enough to deal with frequent transport.

We make the shell with dimensions making it easy to transport to the next Gig., it’s  possible to transport the Steveway in a large car, estate, MPV or small van.

Home Use

Steve has had orders from private home keyboard users as its sits nicely in a home setting where cables and plugs etc can all be concealed within the cavity of the Steveway Piano Shell. As each shell is made indi

vidually it can be made to your own keyboard requirements, just email Steve with the make and dimensions.

Added Value to Your Performance

A Steveway will add impact to your performance and we recommend you assemble the Steveway well before the performance.

Comments By Customers

Some users have posted on Steve’s Facebook page showing the Piano Shells in use.

“I am really pleased with my Steveway, its easy to set at at gigs and the audience seem to give more attention when playing  that just a conventional keyboard on an X stand. The cost was half the price of any other similar product. Chuffed!”



Width: 150 cm approx
Height: 30cm
Depth: 100 cm
Inside width: 142 cm
Weight: 22 kilograms (approx)

Price as at January 2018

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