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A Great Piano Product From a True Performer.

Now used by many performers take a look on our site to see just how popular the Steveway Piano Shell has become for all performers and bands using a keyboard. Take a look at the videos on our site for proof.

It has also been a great hit at weddings! with the bride and groom using the Piano Shell Baby Grand as a photo prop.
Steveway is now the No.1 UK  producer of portable baby grand piano shells. This piano shell will make a very great difference to your performance and the audience expectations.

Our  unique and elegant robust piano shells are the perfect solution to replace the  conventional keyboard-stand and makes your audience think that you’re playing on a genuine grand piano.

The Steveway Piano Shell

Ideal for weddings providing music for the eyes as well as the ears, your audience will sit and listen when you sit at your keyboard with the Steveway.

The Steveway Piano Shell is used by some Abba Tribute bands in UK and Europe. It sits perfectly emulating the Benny Piano!

Piano Shell bt Steveway

Piano Shell by Steveway


To order your shell contact Steveway today at the low price of only £850.00 for standard size shell. Prices may be subject to alteration due to demand and increasing material costs.

A Steveway can be made to your specifications, simply email the sizes to Steve and he will advise price etc.  The Steveway can  accommodate a large range of electric stage pianos, for example: Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Nord.  for  more information click here .


The piano shell is made to a high standard and will make a suitable addition to your home providing a permanent home for your keyboard without taking up too much room. email us today at info@stevewaypianos.com